COSSIP the gossip of cosmetology (3min read)

April 23, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ April News

Wouldn’t you like to receive more for your dollar when maintaining yourself?  Who doesn’t understand how hard it is to find the time and money to make you feel and look better.  It seems for some, that we spend a whole lot of money beautifying this tired body of all of its ripping and running of the week, and can never quite feel the satisfaction in paying for what I call the worst customer service ever!  The waiting for hours, not honoring appointments, the stylist quit and you really liked them. The barber took your sons hairline back, and he has a soccer game. Your daughter has to get bangs and its prom tonight. The little things, where you need your money to work for you, and you don’t have time for it not too. It’s just too much people.

I have a suggestion for the answer to our prayers from the disappointments of the big bad cosmetology world. Reviews! Reviews! Reviews! You all know that there is power in a pen. Imagine a place that you can spill all the horror stories that you have experienced while making yourselves look amazing for the competitive world. Lets rate the trauma of it all. COSSIP the gossip of cosmetology, where it all begins. I can’t let them get away with taking our money and not having accountability for the service they provide. We deserve a great experience  when we give our hard earned money. I mean down to buying our hair ladies.  I know some of you as well as myself has just paid and went home unhappy. No more. Raise the bar!

COSSIP has the remedy to get every hairdresser, make-up artist, barber, esthetician, salon owner ext. whomever in this industry here’s a warning. I serve notice today that there is a voice that will represent the people’s pockets and make sure you are doing the right thing. The voice of people has given us our country’s presidents; it will definitely work on how we spend our money, to make us feel good about ourselves. How much do you spend in maintenance for yourself? Now tell me can you afford to not get what you want, without consequences?

We have to rate the cosmetology workers; we have to tell them when they’re doing good and bad. You know the feeling of when your report card was coming in the mail. The feeling of it being issued to your parents and they had to see what you been doing in school, and make sure what you been saying matches up with what their reading. COSSIP provides the same concept; you are the parent of your dollar and your just making sure it adds up at the end. Everyone needs a progress report to observer the improvements of ones craft. You have to make people accountable or they wont give there best. We do it for restaurants, so do it for what you spend the most money on. We dress up this body more than we feed it.   So I want to know all the good the bad the ugly. Lets dress up the right way without stress.


Maximum 5 stars- Minimum 1 star


Annie Nail Spa– 8150 Ogontz Avenue Wyncote, Pa 19050- (215)-885-7224

  • I give Annie’s Nail Spa 4 stars for their eyelash and eyebrow bar. There following never exceeds their staff and they always honor appointments and their services have longevity. Can improve by offering different varieties of new eyelash products and methods.

Hair Town Beauty Supply– 1000 Easton Road Wyncote, Pa 19050- (215)-887-

  • I give Hair Town Beauty Supply 4 stars for their wig department. They give great assistance and privacy when testing out different wigs. Can improve by have more sales on different brands of wigs.

Mighty Sharp Barber Shop– 6526 Rising Sun Ave Philadelphia Pa. 19111- (267)-288-7983

  • I give Mighty Sharp Barber Shop 5 stars for their excellence in technical ability. They are consistent with all of their haircuts. Can improve by making sure their staff exceeds their following.