Bilal’s Garden

August 16, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ guide,Halal,Seafood

[3.04 star rating]

Bilal’s Garden Restaurant is a Halal Restaurant located @ 1525 Wadsworth Ave. Philadelphia.  If you remember back in the day there was Garden of Bilal on Wadsworth where the CVS is. One may think this may be the same owners of a slightly different name but based on our reviews we’re not to sure.  We all had high hopes but ……….

1525 Wadsworth Ave
Philadelphia, Pa 19150

(215) 248-4800

We had 3 of our shoppers visit Bilal’s Garden.  Very different experiences as you will read below.

Customer #1

I’m happy that Bilal’s Garden is back in business! The food tastes as good as I remember it.


Customer #2

I was excited to see Bilal’s Garden back again. But when I asked for a menu they only had 1 to share with 5 customers. So I said ok.  Then I ws told the prices on the menu were wrong .  I said WOW ok.   That wasn’t’ the bad part, bad part was on a Saturday afternoon they didn’t’ have anything.  I asked for a turkey hoagie they didn’t have it.  I asked for a BBQ chicken platter they didn’t have it. So at that point I gave up.  Hopefully  things can get better maybe this was a very bad day.


Customer #3

I was so upset at the service.  I walked out.  I will return another day but I was a sad day for Bilal’s Garden.


Greeted while waiting
food arrived on time
portion sizes generous
server was professional
food taste
dining/waiting clean
decor looked appealing
items are fairly priced
recommend to a friend